Fenoglio Nicotine Caiman W/ Chocolate Fuji

Fenoglio Nicotine Caiman W/ Chocolate Fuji

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Size 9D

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Men's Nicotine Caiman Belly Boots By Fenoglio Boot Company

10 Heel (Walking Heel)

Wide Square Toe

All Handmade In The USA, Fenoglio Boot Company Makes The Highest Quality Boots On The Market! The Attention To Detail Produces A Boot That Not Only Looks Fabulous But Is Comfortable And Able To Stand Up To Years Of Use!

Brings Lone Star Flare to Classic Styles for Men

Texas Standard

FIFTH-GENERATION TEXAN Drew Bagot and his wife Christine wanted to create a brand that exemplifies what it means to be a Texas gentleman.

Its clothes made with exceptional craftsmanship and high-quality materials, their Austin-based startup Texas Standard embodies the unique Texas style and the Lone Star State’s legacy.

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